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Zoom – F1 Field Recorder

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ZOOM F1-LP snemalnik zvoka z lavalier mikrofonom

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ZOOM F1-LP snemalnik zvoka z lavalier mikrofonom

Designed to aid in providing professional-quality audio to your DSLR recordings, the iLine Camera Adapter from IK Multimedia is a cable that sends the mono, outgoing signal from an iRig Mic, iRig Pre, or iKlip A/V to both channels—left and right—of the stereo input on your DSLR. In doing so, this product provides audio content of richer character and lower ancillary noise than audio traditionally associated with DSLR audio-capture. The cable itself offers a 3.5mm TRRS female connection at one end and a male 3.5mm TRS connection at the other, while sporting gold-plated connection points, copper conductors, low-capacitance insulation, high-density shielding, and a length of just under 4 inches.