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Tilta – Mini Clamp-on Matte-Box

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Tilta Mini Clamp-on Matte-Box

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Tilta Mini Clamp-on Matte-Box

The Mini matte box is a light weight and affordable solution for filmmakers using DSLR and mirrorless style cameras. The Mini Matte Box weighs only 140g (4.9oz) and can help prevent flaring and provides added protection for your lens. The Mini Matte Box features a french flag with 180 degrees of coverage.

1/4-20 and 3/8-16 mounting points and cold shoe mounts provide mounting points for any accessories including LED lights or microphones. The kit also includes a 15mm matte box support that attaches to the bottom of the matte box, securing your lens in place to provide lens stability. (does not support telescoping front element lenses).

The added benefit of this matte box are the two filter options. The front of the matte box provides a slot for any standard 4×5.65 filter.

Screw on filters can be attached to the adapter rings via the inside threading that match each adapter ring diameter. The adapter ring is attached to your lens, you can clip on your matte box and then apply your screw on filter.

The Kit includes the Mini Matte Box, the french flag, and four Adapter rings (82mm, 77mm, 67mm, and 72mm). We also offer additional adapter rings in non standard sizes (52mm, 55mm, 58mm, 62mm, 85mm) as well as cine version adapter rings (80mm and 85mm).


  • (1) Mini Matte Box body
  • (1) Mini Matte Box carbon fiber top flag
  • (1) Tiltaing bottom single 15mm rod holder
  • (1) 15x100mm black aluminum rod
  • (2) Allen keys
  • (1) Mini Matte Box 15mm single rod support attachment
  • (1) 67mm adapter ring
  • (1) 72mm adapter ring
  • (1) 77mm adapter ring
  • (1) 82mm adapter ring